Dirty Little Fuck Doll – Eleanor Black


Young lady…you have my attention! Let us set the record straight – subtle isn’t one of Eleanor’s strong points.

The title says it all, and the air hostess on my flight to Brisbane confirmed others may be curious, spending more time than required at my shoulder. So, as a lover of trains and transit systems in general I was hooked. Public places and the subtle sway of a carriage often leads to thoughts salacious (or is it just me?)

indexMeet Chloe Sykes, a very sexually talented 24 yr old part time glamour model (yes Eleanor isn’t afraid to tell you that her characters are pure perfectionism including size eights, silicon chests and massive appendages – the fantastical allure), “her light grey iris’, jerked listlessly around: at the attire of other women, at the branded bags they were carrying, yet mostly at men.” Chloe isn’t the deepest of thinkers but she definitely knows what she wants and lots of it.

You may think this book is pure porn. Well – bottom line – this is better than your boyfriends under the bed best reads. But what many may miss is the pleasure of real time encounters, (when Eleanor describes she takes it slow) a masterful erotica writers restraint, sexual cadence & in between lines intelligence. Though, just a little heads up – some antics are eye watering and for me beyond belief – but when a writer confronts as Dirty Little Fuck Doll did, (it’s good to say it out loud) I can’t help but applaud.

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